UMIDIT manual

Welcome to the newest addition to the pedals controller lineup - the UMIDIT.

The UMIDIT is a revolution in MIDI controllers due to its small size coupled with its digital user interface.

UMIDIT is a very small MIDI controller that is able to control the pedals.

UMIDIT can be used as stand alone MIDI controller and can memorize up to 100 different sequences, of 10 (Max) MIDI commands (Patches,"Cn" MIDI commands) , that you can recall when you play your songs.

You can select two operational modes: the "Controller" to send standard "Cn" MIDI commnads and the "Sequencer" to control the sound changing along your song playing.

It is possible to memorize all the configurations of the effects connected and re-call them as needed using the 4 footswitches.

Forget a lot of footswitches...

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The UMIDIT is an innovative controller

UMIDIT is a controller that can control our chained pedals using the two footswitches or a MIDI connection (only Cn commands); you can memorize and recall up to 127 settings.

Each store contains the settings of all connected pedals.

UMIDIT is also a stand alone controller that can hold up to 100 sequences of Cn MIDI commands, every sequence can contain 10 Cn commands.