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Beyond the ordinary


Get the warmth of the analog sound and save your patches

True Bypass

Imagine that you have an all analog pedal and that you can memorize and recall all of your settings; we have it. With our pedals you get an amazing analog sound and you are able to set up to 10 different sounds…think that you have also a MIDI interface…enjoy !!!!

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MIDI Interface


Super controller/sequencer MIDI, use it to control the pedals or to replace your big MIDI switching board (only Cn commands).

You can use it in a “Stand Alone” mode to replace the big MIDI pedalboard, memorizing inside the MIDI command sequences related to your songs.

A maximum of 10 “Program Change” commands for every song, up to 100 songs.

Using the 4 footswitches you can select the song and send the MIDI commands to your connected MIDI pedals and devices.


To avoid noises in the background when you play with a high gain distortion, you need a device that could kill everything but the guitar signal.

We have several ways to do this, but any solution you choose will not work as you expect; one reason is that the noise and the guitar sound spectrums overlap in large part. Some device use an adaptive filtering, other a type of downward expander, other both the solutions trying to minimize the noise presence.

Another solution  would be to insert a level threshold below it nothing could pass, at the expense of the guitar sustain…the guitar signal must be higher then the noise level.

Every REDCAT has a Noise Gate that works just like a downward expander with a programmable signal threshold, to adapt the noise killer detector to your background noise level. Another great feature of the REDCAT is the “automatic noise level detector” function that automatically set the right noise gate threshold.

With REDCAT  it’s very simple to set the right noise threshold, keep pressed for about 3 seconds the right footswitch, when an ‘A’ character will appear  on the green led display release the footswitch; the noise level has been detected and the right threshold is set. To memorize the threshold level keep pressed the SAVE pushbutton until the ‘P’ character will appear on the green led display.

Don’t be satisfied of the usual pedals, change point of  view and run through a new perspective where analog and digital work together to give you the best of  sound quality and a world of potentiality…




Bass line

Guitar line




          case 0:






          case 1:          //End frame


                        midi_prg=(unsigned char)x;