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SNAKE consists of an independent and completely analogue DELAY unit and a analog CHORUS Stereo unit, based on BBD technology;
SNAKE is programmable and interfaceable via a MIDI connection and by the two footswitches CNT1 and CNT2.
It is possible memorize 10 presets, which can be recalled via the two footswitches and by "Program Change" MIDI commands.

Each preset features 15 programmable parameters:

Using the two controls, LEVEL and PARM, it is possible to navigate through the three pages and change the parameters shown on the display.
It is also possible to set the Delay time via the TAP function, which can be activated by holding the right footswitche pressed for at least 3 seconds; at this point the word TTT will appear on the display together the time division (upper right the display), that you can change (1,2,4,8 and 16) using the LEVEL control.
Using the right footswitch you can set the delay time (TAP), pressing the left button confirms the delay time which will be divided by the value selected in the time division.

The first window is related to the DELAY parameters:
MOD: delay modulation
FDB: delay repetitions
MIX: delay intensity control
LVA: volume control of the "OUTA" output

The second window is related to the CHORUS parameters:
DPT: chorus modulation depth
WAV: modulation waveform
MIX: chorus intensity control
LVB: volume control of the "OUTB" output

The third window is related to the general parameters:
OUT: select the outputs
OUTA                            OUTB
Delay                                 Signal
Chorus                               Chorus Stereo
Chorus                               Signal
Delay                                 Chorus
Delay > Chorus                 Signal
Delay + Chorus                 Chorus
TRB : treble control (+15/-15dB)
MID : mid control (+15/-15dB)
BAS : bass control (+15/-15dB)
LOU : loudness control (0/-15dB)

Corso Peschiera 276
10139 - TORINO - ITALY


Phone: +39 011 19784388

Phone: +39 011 19784388
Corso Peschiera 276 - 10139 -  TORINO - ITALY
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